10 Places that Prove Cornell is the Prettiest Ivy


Ithaca: 10 squared miles surrounded by reality, BECAUSE IT’S TOO PRETTY TO BE REAL.

10. Johnson Art Museum

Best time to be here: early fall. You can go to the 4th floor for a breathtaking view of Cornell and Ithaca, and relax at the sculpture terrace while enjoying the breezy air on your skin.

9.  Beebe Dam and Lake

Best time to be here: winter. Yes, it’s cold, but the view is worth it.

8. Arts Quad

Best time to be here: mid-fall, when all the trees have blossomed with brown and red leaves, yet it’s still not too cold yet so you can sit down on the grass and enjoy the moment. You can also see the McGraw Tower and the statues of Ezra Cornell and A.D. White on the quad.

7. Uris Library

Best time to be here: any season, at night. There’s something really magical about Uris Library that can only be enjoyed at nighttime. A.D. White Library is also called the “Hogwarts Library” because of its design.

6. Willard Straight Hall

Best time to be here: late summer night. WSH is Cornell’s student union building, and it hosts several prominent places on campus such as the Memorial Hall, Cornell Cinema, and Oakenshield Dining Hall.

5. Cornell Law School 

Best time to be here: spring afternoon.The law school’s collegiate gothic architecture, the Hogwarts-like Cornell Law Library, and some afternoon spring rain will go very well together.

4. West Campus Residence Halls

Best time to be here: summer afternoon. The architecute of  West campus residence halls is based on the Oxford gothic architecture. It is best to be here in the summer time, as it gets very cold and slippery during the winter months.

3. Sage Chapel

Best time to be here: winter afternoon. This beautiful chapel that was built for all denominations provides a quiet sanctuary and warmth to Cornell students.

2.  Minns Garden, Plant Science Building 

Best time to be here: late spring. This garden before the ivy-covered plant sciences building blossoms with so many colors during spring.

1. Libe Slope Overlook

Best time to be here: fall sunset. Looking at the sunset at the Libe Slope Overlook is the quintessential Cornell experience. The fantastic spot offers a view of Ithaca’s hilltop and twinkling lights of houses on the hill, creating a beautiful atmosphere.